American300 Tours provide my Airmen with a sense of hope!
— Commander, United States Air Force

American 300 Mentors

This is a partial list of the over 100 vetted American300 Mentors volunteering time to date.

Military Mentors-

Billy Aerts - US Army Wounded Warrior, Music Industry Icon

John Bates - USMC Colonel retired, Three-time Wounded Warrior

Paul Bianco - US Army, CSM 

Benjamin Breckheimer - US Army Wounded Warrior - Mountaineer

Brett Dula - USAF LtGen retired

Charles Feldmann - USMC, Lawyer, Author

Bill Frunzi- US Army Colonel retired

Bruce Fister - USAF LtGen retired

Brad Fite - USMC Wounded Warrior 

Dan Gilyeat - USMC Wounded Warrior 

Sal Gonzalez - USMC Wounded Warrior, Professional Musician 

Michael Gotchey - USN ST Veteran, Veterinarian 

Devon Harris - JDF Captain, Original Jamaican Bobsled Team, 3x Olympian 

Shilo Harris - US Army Wounded Warrior 

Mykel Hawke - US Army Special Forces Major retired. 

Steve Holcomb - US Army AGR, Olympic Gold and Bronze Medalist 

Michael Hopkins - USAF Colonel, NASA Astronaut 

Jennifer Housholder - US Army Wounded Warrior

Tim Howard - USMC Colonel retired, Wounded Warrior 

Darrin Isham - USN SEAL MCPO ret. 

Charlie Manis - US Army Ranger, Wounded Warrior    

Danny McKnight - USA Colonel retired, Wounded Warrior 

Edward Mechenbier - USAF Major General retired, Decorated P.O.W. 

Howard ‘Mad Max Mullen, US Army Ranger MSgt ret., Ranger Hall of Fame  

Rick Nealis - USMC LTC retired, Director Marine Corps Marathon

Dr. Richard Mastracchio, 4x NASA Expedition Astronaut

Patrick McDonald - USA Wounded Warrior, US Paralympic Captain US Curling Team 

Robert ‘Robi’ Powers - US Army AGR Veteran, U.S. National & Olympic Teams  

Shannon ‘The Cannon’ Ritch - US Army Veteran, 6x MMA World Champion

Terry Schappert - US Army Special Forces Team Leader 

Trisha Shields - USAF TSgt, Professional Cowgirl, Former Ms Rodeo USA

Jenna Smeenk - USAF SSG, Professional Cowgirl, Former Ms. Rodeo Florida 

Jesse Stewart - US Army Wounded Warrior

Steven Swanson - 3x NASA Space Astronaut, ISS Commander 

Jeff Widenhofer - USN, Singer Songwriter

Berry 'Butch' Wilmore - USN Captain, NASA Astronaut, ISS Commander 

Amanda Wirtz - USN, Survivor - Musician and Health Care Professional


Patriot Mentors-

Aasif Bade - Business Developer 

David Barnes - Manic Training Coach

Ann Battelle - Olympian, World Champion 

Dan Beery - Olympic Gold Medalist, World and Olympic Record Holder, World Champ

Tommy Caldwell - World Renowned Climber

Thomas Cox - NCAA Div. I Football Player and Coach - owner Mealfit  

David D’Angelo - Climbing and Extreme Filming 

Billy Demong - Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist 

Joe Duncan - ESPN XGames

Brent Camerotta - Olympic Silver Medalist 

Caroline Lalive Carmichael - Olympian, World Champion 

Nelson Carmichael - Olympic Bronze Medalist, Manic Training Coach 

Dan Caro - Burn Victim, Professional Musician 

Jeff Chadwick - Professional Cowboy, Director Wrangler Corporation

Kelly Clark - Olympic Gold/Bronze Medalist, XGames Champion, World Champion 

Tonya Clement - Mountaineer - 5th Female to summit Mount Everest via NorthRidge

Henry Cejudo - Olympic Gold Medalist, Professional UFC Champion Fighter

Sean Colgan - Olympian, Congressional Gold Medalist, World Champion 

Emily Cook - Olympic Skier, Reserve World Cup Overall Champion, 9x National Champ.

Chad Chrittenden - Cancer Survivor Athlete 

Alex Diebold - Olympic Bronze Medalist 

Annie Bianco Ellett - World Champion Mounted Shooting Cowgirl 

Kaycee Feild - 4x World Champion Cowboy

Lewis Feild - 5x World Champion Hall of Fame Rodeo Cowboy - RIP 

Susan Francia - 2x Olympic Gold Medalist

Justin Frazell - Texas Red Dirt Roads 

Joe Galloway- War Correspondent 

Grace Galloway MD - Veterans Medical Care

Kyle Hildebrand - Pastor, Musician 

Lucas Hoge - Nashville Singer Songwriter  

Chad Hord - Professional Off Road Truck Racer 

Nicole Johnson - Professional Truck Racer 

Ray Johnston - NBA, Singer/Songwriter

John Jones Jr. - World Champion Hall of Fame Rodeo Cowboy 

Chris Klinke - Climbing Expedition Leader, Climbing Industry Leader  

Trevor Knowles - Wrangler Professional Cowboy - Multi-time World RunnerUp

Adam Kopp - ESA Rugby Development

Levi LaVallee - RedBull Athlete, XGames Champion 

Lauren Loberg PhD - Olympic Teams Sports Medicine 

Todd Lodwick - Olympic Silver Medalist, 6x Olympian, World Champion

Esther Lofgren - Olympic Gold Medalist 

Lucas Hoge - Nashville Singer Songwriter

Chris 'Lights Out' Lytle - UFC Champion 

Phil Mahre - Olympic Gold Medalist, Skiing Hall of Fame

Steve Mahre - Olympic Silver Medalist, Skiing Hall of Fame 

Eric Meyer M.D. - 2x Everest, High Altitude Medical Subject Matter Expert 

Graham Muir - Head Manic Training Coach

Erin Simmons Nemec - Olympian, XGames 3x Silver Medalist 

Bear Pascoe - NFL Super Bowl Champion

Laila Powers MD - Climbing Accident Survivor 

Kaylin Richardson - Olympian, National Champion 

Maegan Hollander - Veterinarian Sciences, former Miss Rodeo America 

Ryan Ross - Climbing and Extreme Filming 

John Ruger - US Olympic Committee Ombudsmen, Olympian

Bill Rodgers - Olympian, 4x Boston and NYC Marathon Champion

Cort Scheer - Professional Rodeo Cowboy 

Mike Schultz - Athlete, XGames Champion, US Paralympic Snowboard Team 

Joan Scott - Director NCAA Basketball Finals

Dan Severn - MMA/UFC World Champion 

Chirring Dorje Sherpa - World renowned Himalayan Climber 

Frank Shorter - Olympic Gold Medalist, USATF Hall of Fame, Author

Vasu Sojitra - Adaptive Mountaineer

Johnny Spillane - 3x Olympic Silver Medalist, Ski Hall of Fame

Byron Turk - Climbing and Extreme Filming

Chenae Shiner Vest - Pro Rodeo Cowgirl, former Miss Rodeo America  

Thomas Whittaker - First Amputee Everest Summit, Author 

Andrew Weibrecht - Olympic Silver Medalist 

Kurt Yaeger - Adaptive Athlete 

Bart Yasso - Chief Running Officer Runner's World Magazine, Author

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