What American300 does for my command is outstanding… the fact that they are an all-volunteer nonprofit organization is simply amazing!
— Colonel - United States Marine Corps


Edward Bell Esq, CFP, CPA, President Gries Financial - American300 Board Chairperson and the reason this all volunteer nonprofit has been able to function for 11 years. 

Sean P. Colgan: Member 1980 USA Olympic Team, U.S. Rowing Hall of Fame, United States Congressional Gold Medalist - founder Colgan Foundation supporting ONETEAM Envoys - Senior Advisor to American300 Board and Mentor. 

Jesse Stewart: United States Army Ranger ret., Purple Heart Wounded Warrior - former Commander Charlie Troop, 5-73 CAV, Task Force 300; Founder of TF American300 Twenty-two Fund ( endex)  Advisor to American300 Board and Mentor. 

Robert 'Robi' Powers: founder 'Warrior Tours' which name changed to American300 in 2010 - Army Mountain Warfare School Cadre, US Biathlon Team, US Ski Team - Olympic, World Cup and World Championship Teams - American300 Board and Mentor. 


John Bates - USMC Colonel retired, DoD Senior Tour Leader 

Dan Beery - Olympic Gold Medalist, DoD/DoS Tour Leader

Kelly Secor  - Travel Manager, Travel Leaders 

Liz Griffiths  - Finance Manager, Gries Financial

Jennifer Housholder - USA CW2, DoD/Veteran Group Tour Leader 

Mike Lane - Director Public Affairs, Chief Liaison NASA Astronauts 

Karen McLane - Graphics Team, PostNet Steamboat Springs, CO 

David Pond - USAF Colonel retired - DoD SOCOM Advisor

Laila Powers M.D. - Chief Medical Director ONETEAM Envoys El Salvador 

Gretchen Powers - DoD Tour Leader - Public Affairs Team

open source advisors  

Eva Balanger - USAF Veteran, Director Warriors Live On - Veteran Group Mentor 

Scott Black - US Army Lieutenant General retired, DoD Legal Advisor 

Jeff Chadwick - Wrangler, Wrangler National Patriot Tours Advisor 

Dr. Bibi Colgan - Director Colgan Foundation - ONETEAM Envoys Programming

Flavia Colgan - Director Colgan Foundation - ONETEAM Envoys Programming

Calvin Coolidge - Twenty-two Fund Advisor, Freedom Alliance Foundation

Charles Feldman Esq. - USMC Veteran, Director American300 Legal Team

Bill Frunzi - US Army Colonel retired, Defense Industry Liaison and Advisor  

Thomas Graham - CEO Veterinarians without Borders, DoS/USAid Advisor 

Scott McChrystal - US Army Colonel retired, DoD Champlain Sr. Advisor 

Stan McChrystal - US Army General retired, DoD Advisor 

Ed Mechenbier - USAF Maj. General retired, P.O.W. - Mentor Group Sr Advisor

Howard Max Mullen - USA Ranger MSGT retired, Mentor Group Sr Advisor  

Michael Nutter - Mayor Philadelphia, Government Advisor 

Laila Powers M.D. - Director American300 Medical Team

John Ruger - US Olympic Committee Ombudsman - Olympian

Edward Shock - USAF Colonel retired, Military Support Nonprofit Advisor 

George Strait - Wrangler National Patriot Program Spokesperson 

Julie Taulman - Exec. Director STARS - Steamboat Adaptive Recreational Sports 

Suzanne ‘V8’ Vautrinot - USAF Major General retired, Sr Advisor 

Tom Whittaker - Adaptive Mentor Team Senior Advisor 

American300 is a Non-Government Organization, No Federal Endorsement is ever Intended or Implied.  Special thanks to U.S. Government Agencies and Active Duty Personnel who assist American300 Tours on a daily basis who can not be listed - Godspeed! 

founder Robi Powers w/ Secretary of the Air Force Debra Lee James and Admiral Paul Zukunft USCG

founder Robi Powers w/ Secretary of the Air Force Debra Lee James and Admiral Paul Zukunft USCG