In 2011, American300 added ONETEAM Envoy programming to the nonprofits overall outreach.  With a goal of promoting mutual understanding and friendships between the United States and other countries around the world the effort has now impacted tens of thousands of individuals in dozens of countries worldwide.  

Currently, the focus of ONETEAM American300 Envoy's is with the development of El Salvador's Olympic Family of Sports.  Through friendships with the ESA Olympic Committee and Los Angeles El Salvador Community Corridor, ONETEAM Envoys are committed to creating positive encounters with the youth of El Salvador.

ONETEAM American300 Envoy's are made possible through a generous grant from the Colgan Foundation 

For more information contact: 

American300 - Robi Powers

LA ESCC -  President Oscar Dominquez

Colgan Foundation - Director Dr. Bibi Colgan