In 2011, American300 added ONETEAM Envoys programming as an all volunteer effort with the goal of promoting mutual understanding and friendships between the United States and other countries around the world.   

During the first 6 years of programming our envoy members traveled the world gaining insight into the daily workings of governing bodies/sports federations and national Olympic Committees, Sports Ministries and local government efforts to promote sports values.

The result - our Olympians, Olympic and National Team Coaches and Staff Members collectively decided to launch a new concept in youth sports development based on evidence based findings and observations. 

Method- Instead of focusing on technical aspects of sport, this new approach utilizes sport as a 'platform/vehicle' to comprehensively incorporate a full array of values oriented development through evidence based practices. 

Programming is focused on individual and community growth centered on: safety, education, civic responsibility, social interaction, teamwork, spiritual, family and individual growth.

ONETEAM Envoys, provide community leaders/coaches with financial support, subject matter expert interactions via special guest facilitator master class mentors both on and off the field of play and overall program administrative oversight.   

From mandatory local Mayoral involvement, rewards based incentives, world-class mentoring and most importantly a safe, secure and loving environment - our ONETEAMSV project is moving youth in a positive direction in El Salvador today!  



Provide world class youth sports programming focused on comprehensive evidence based prevention programming at the individual, family and community levels.  Ensure that programming occurs in a safe and secure environment, free of coercion, substance abuse, bullying, discrimination, extortion and gang interference. 

Enable youth to participate in an environment which demands the highest standards of: discipline, accountability, respect, integrity, passion and solidarity. 

Work with and educate individual, family and community ‘collectives’ to recognize the importance of core values and assist families in supporting children's growth beyond familiar and societal boundaries, whether real or imagined. 


ONETEAM Envoys, ONETEAMSV is focused on providing El Salvadoran youth a team sports experience guided by proven mentor minded coaches/facilitators.  After 4 years of working with the El Salvador Olympic Committee and their family of sport, ONETEAM identified safety and security as the single largest negative factor influencing youth development. 

In 2015, after canvassing the nation’s national sports governing bodies, and visiting dozens of cities, ONETEAMSV stakeholders chose: Beach Soccer, Chess and Rugby as sports federations to partner with along with several major cities recreation programs to launch the program.


Millions are spent worldwide by the United States and other countries each year in support of youth prevention, intervention and sadly suppression programming.   The majority of these prevention and intervention dollars are focused on group evidence based facilitator programming.  

What ONETEAM stakeholders saw was a gap between facilitator group oriented programming and actual vetted mentor conducted sports programming. 

"We witnessed amazing extra-curricular programming around the world, but the majority of the programming was taking place in class room group oriented environments." say Rob Powers, President ONETEAMSV, adding, " research has clearly identified extra-curricular programming as some of the most effective methods in positive youth development, but surveys have also shown that sports programming ranks amongst the most requested type of activity by the kids."


"NGO's across the globe are doing amazing work in youth prevention programming.  Our program is aimed at joining the list of new approaches that work,"  says Sean Colgan, Olympian and ONETEAMSV stakeholder, he adds,"When it comes to extra-curricular youth sports programming, many NGO's grab a 'coach' and spill soccer balls onto fields... programs sports 'spending' pales in comparison to all other programming and development dollars spent.  All we've done is move the 'class-room' onto the field of play."


ONETEAM Envoys, ONETEAMSV Project is based on top down support from local municipal leaders.   The program requires complete Mayoral buy-in and extends to participation and support by every major social service platform within a community.   Simply stated, this program has nothing to do with signing out a field, spilling balls on a field, grabbing any old person as a 'coach' and turning on the lights. 

The program and it’s coaches, educators, facilitators, municipal and federal employees, local religious leaders must all fully agree to support the participants and their families.

They must also agree to a comprehensive 'Values Code of Conduct' (VCC) and in the end serve as committed ‘local stakeholders of growth’. 

Proving the Model

By focusing on the importance of mentoring at both the facilitator ( coach) and student athlete levels, ONETEAMSV has turned a typical ‘sports program’ into a comprehensive socially responsible personal and family values growth factory. 

Our goal is to ensure that every participant is surrounded by opportunity and support.   From monitored primary and vocational education to family outreach, the ONETEAMSV Youth Project is focused on proving this model in two rural communities with the desired outcome being to make the model available to other NGO's conducting work in at-risk communities worldwide. 



ONETEAM Envoys are made possible through a generous grant from the Colgan Foundation and Winklevoss Capital along with continued support from American300.org

For more information contact: 

ONETEAMSV Director - Felipe Flores felipe.flores@oneteamsv.org

ONETEAMSV Director - Paul Ramirez paul.ramirez@oneteamsv.org

ONETEAM Envoys President - Rob Powers   www.american300.org/contact/

Colgan Foundation - Dr. Bibi Colgan and Flavia Colgan  info@colganfoundation.org



Mayor Carlos Ramos - San Pedro Masahuat

Mayor Carlos Ramos - San Pedro Masahuat

ONETEAMSV Members - San Jose Guayabal

ONETEAMSV Members - San Jose Guayabal

ONETEAMSV is made possible through support by Mr. Sean Colgan and Family

ONETEAMSV is made possible through support by Mr. Sean Colgan and Family