Building great citizens through sport 

In 2011, American300 added ONETEAM Envoys programming as an all volunteer effort with the goal of promoting mutual understanding and friendships between the United States and other countries around the world.   

During the first 6 years of programming our envoy members gained insight into the daily workings of governing bodies/sports federations and National Olympic Committees around the world.

The result - our volunteer Olympians, Olympic and National Team Coaches and Staff Members collectively decided to launching a new concept in youth development. 

Working closely with the El Salvador Olympic Committee and one of it's new rugby federation, this new concept was launched.  

Instead of focusing on technical aspects of sport, this new approach utilizes sports as a 'platform/vehicle' to comprehensively incorporate all aspects of youth development.  

Government, Civic, Religious, Education, additional local socially responsible NGO involvement and most importantly the family unit are now the focus.

Today, there are two rural cities that are serving as the beta-programs, each with hundreds of youth participating in ONETEAM ESA Youth Rugby.  Programming is focused on individual and community growth centered on: education, civic responsibility, social interaction, teamwork, spiritual, family and individual growth.

ONETEAM Envoys, in turn, provide community leaders/coaches with financial support and subject matter expert interactions via special guest master classes both on and off the field of play through a network of stakeholders.   From local Mayoral direct involvement to Olympic Champions and other NGO's focused on youth and family development, the ESA Youth Project is well underway.   



Provide world class youth sports programming that focuses on comprehensive socially responsible individual, family and community values development.  Ensure that programming occurs in a safe and secure environment, free of coercion, substance abuse, bullying, discrimination, extortion and gang recruitment. 

Enable youth to participate in an environment which demands the highest standards of: discipline, respect, integrity, passion and solidarity. 

Work with and educate family units to recognize the importance of core values and assist families in supporting children's growth beyond familiar and societal boundaries, whether real or imagined. 

ONETEAMSV Building Great Citizens Through Sport  

ONETEAM Envoys, ONETEAMSV is focused on providing El Salvadoran youth a team sports experience conducted in a safe and secure environment.  After 4 years of working with the El Salvador Olympic Committee and their family of sport, ONETEAM identified safety and security as the single biggest negative factor influencing youth development. 

In 2016, after canvassing the nation’s national sports governing bodies, the El Salvador Rugby Federation was chosen by ONETEAM Envoys Olympic Team stakeholders:  Sean Colgan and Dan Beery (USA Rowing) and Rob Powers (USA Skiing) to be the primary sports platform for the project.

Why Rugby?  

World Rugby, the international governing body for the Olympic sport of Rugby 7's has been building character since 1886.  Now as a member of the Olympic family of sport World Rugby, specifically rugby 7’s,  has an opportunity to showcase it’s character and value development, highest standards of membership requirements and total transparency in governing and financial management with the world. 

El Salvador Rugby has been operational since 2006 and is currently under the leadership of United States Air Force Veteran Mr. Daniel Olano, of San Salvador.  Through support by one of our ONETEAM stakeholders, ONETEAMSV has hired Mr. Felipe Flores, former long time El Salvador Olympic Committee Director of Athletics, as the ONETEAMSV Director of programming.  

Growth through Local Support

ONETEAM Envoys, ONETEAMSV Project is based on top down support from local municipal leaders.   The program requires complete Mayoral buy-in and extends to participation and support by every major social service platform within a community.   Simply stated, this program has nothing to do with signing out a field, spilling balls onto a field and turning on the lights.  The program and it’s coaches, educators, municipal and federal employees, local religious leaders must all fully agree to support the participants and their families.  In the end these groups comprise what ONETEAMSV calls ‘local stakeholders of growth’. 

Future Growth

El Salvador, enjoys dozens of non-government organizations ( NGO’s ) performing a plethora of socially responsible initiatives.  ONETEAM is always looking for partners to join in the effort. 

By turning a typical ‘sports program’ into a comprehensive socially responsible values growth factory, our goal is to ensure that every participant is surrounded by opportunity and support.   From monitored primary and vocational education to family human services, ONETEAMSV Youth Project offers 360 degree support.


ONETEAM Envoy's are made possible through a generous grant from the Colgan Foundation 

For more information contact: 

ONETEAMSV Director - Felipe Flores

ONETEAM Envoys - Robi Powers

LA ESCC -  Oscar Dominquez

Colgan Foundation - Dr. Bibi Colgan and Flavia Colgan


Mayor Carlos Ramos - San Pedro Masahuat 

Mayor Carlos Ramos - San Pedro Masahuat 

        ONETEAMSV is made possible through support by Mr. Sean Colgan and Family 

        ONETEAMSV is made possible through support by Mr. Sean Colgan and Family