mentors in the mountains

Back in 2006, American300 started providing resiliency minded mentors to our Department of Defense in an effort to improve individual and unit resiliency. 

 Purple Heart Summits - Kilimanjaro 2018

Purple Heart Summits - Kilimanjaro 2018

Since then, over 100 volunteer mentors have traveled on over 500+ bases visits sharing personal stories of never quitting while engaging with Service Members who share their own stories.    

Now years later, American300 has created a new program focused on big mountains and current and aspiring mentors willing to stand on top of them.

This past year, 2017 - American300 mentor Benjamin Breckheimer, US Army ret. became the third Purple Heart recipient to stand on top of Mount Everest. 

 Chhiring Dorje Sherpa and Benjamin Breckheimer - Everest 2017

Chhiring Dorje Sherpa and Benjamin Breckheimer - Everest 2017

He not only stood on top of the world, he also reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, just months prior to traveling to Nepal.  Throughout both expeditions Benjamin, was joined by fellow American300 mentors with all gaining and growing from the time spent together in the mountains. 

While Benjamin's feat was truly amazing, we quickly realized the costs of climbing Everest, are too expensive for a sustaining program at this time.   Additionally, 8,000+ meter mountains like Everest, require a girth of knowledge and technical skills that limit many mentors eligibility to participate in the program's 'mentors in the mountains' living workshop approach.  

 SPC AJ Hunter & Robi - Kilimanjaro 2018

SPC AJ Hunter & Robi - Kilimanjaro 2018

The result - American300's Purple Heart Summits, a way to keep our mentors participating in unique personal and team growth activities while focusing on far more 'manageable' mountains like:  Hahn's Peak - Colorado, Mt Fuji, Japan - Mt. Rainer, USA and Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania - all four, free standing mountains, with Kilimanjaro being the tallest free standing mountain in the world.  

With a continued focus on mentor to mentor engagement and growth, Purple Heart Summits is now officially recognized American300 programming.   

Now in year two - mentors have already stood on top of Mt. Aconcagua, Argentina ( Benjamin's continued 7 Summits Pursuit ) and Kilimanjaro, Tanzania we're our newest mentor AJ Hunter, US Army retired reached the top of Africa in February 2018. 

It's important to note that our mentors have shared and continue to share time and again their personal stories of making the impossible - possible with fellow Service Members around the world. 

American300's Purple Heart Summits program is an opportunity on our part to keep mentors growing, becoming stronger... while allowing as many as possible to 'stand on top of the free standing world'! 

Purple Heart Summits is made possible through private donations and major contributions from the Wrangler Jeanswear , The North Face and Rural Partners in Medicine